What you need to know before you move in with your partner


Whenever you move in together (flytta ihop) with the spouse, there are several facts you should take into account from the legal perspective. Follow this advice in the legal representatives to make certain your move goes effortlessly:

1. Ensure you possess a cohabitation deal in position. Whenever you become cohabitants (bli sambo) This contract should outline each person’s rights and responsibilities within the connection, as well as what is going to come about in the case of a breakup.

2. When you are getting a residence if you move in together (flytta ihop), ensure that both your names are on the name. This provides you with both the same acquisition stake within the home.

3. Get a cohabitation deal. It is a legally binding file that describes each person’s rights and duties while living collectively. It will help stop disputes later on about who is accountable for what.

4. Make sure you are both about the same web page about financial situation. Go over how you will manage monthly bills, rent payments, and also other expenditures once you become cohabitants(bli sambo). Do you want to open a joint checking account? Would you like to each sustain your very own independent balances?

5. Be ready for the most severe. No-one likes to take into account it, but it’s important to be prepared for your possibility that the partnership may well not workout. Should you break up, how can your residing condition modify? Who can receive the condominium or house? Who will pay the expenses? Developing a strategy in position may help protect against arguments and legitimate complications in the future.


Become cohabitants (bli sambo) and transferring with the companion could be the best way to acquire your romantic relationship to a higher level. But it’s significant to be ready from the lawful standpoint to protect yourself from any disputes or difficulties in the future.