Want To Create A Private Note? Know All The Important Things


Many teammates are using a private note to consult with the first (привнот) agents, colleagues, and admin. They also respond in the form of a message only associated with a private note. It comes up with the main conversation section in which you will write down all the things in grey colour. In this article, you will be going to read about the effectiveness and benefits of using a private note to help you solve all the tickets easily.
Click on toggle button
When you click on the left corner of the message, then you will see a toggle button associated with a private note for managing and clicking on submit. It often helps you to contain all the information regarding the company and assign tickets from one person to another in the details section form.
Choosing an agent
When you choose an agent or an admin, there is a drop-down menu option Through which you will be able to write down all the details in the section option It depends on a user whether either they want to contribute to getting ticket resolution or not because it can be used by using some special type of icons.
What is in the drop-down list?
In a drop-down list, several active agents will help you choose one pivot notes over another by clicking on the submit button. It is a type of small improvement which comes with 360 degrees of feedback, and the performance reviews are also very high for managing messages.
Default settings
If there is any issue, you can list it in my mentioned home, which comes with default settings and email alerts. There are two things which you need to keep in mind in order to use the private notes, which are account settings and totally.