Visit the Number One Food Fighting Eat-and-see site


The largest eat-and-run verification site in Korea is managed with a skilled affirmation group which has been responsible for affirmation for many years to get rid of ingesting and jogging crashes preventing participants ahead of time.

Ensure you don’t get ripped off with eat-and-run verification

All firms are recommended and signed up using the Muktupolis to shield the valuable funds in the participants utilizing guarantee methods. But since it is a system that only applies to people who use the internet site simply by entering using a presented code, you have to go into the rule before using the website.

eat-and-run verification (먹튀검증) suggests only web sites having a protection promise for people with the completion of an eat-and-run verification under the established total giving and drying out verification guideline. The process for confirmation is much more hard than other internet sites, and safety may be the main concern to utilize the web page in the safe environment.

The Muktupolis verification information compiles info on deceitful web sites by gathering fundamental info according to records acquired by people and historical past. If it serving background is confirmed throughout the assortment process, it is actually regarded as a fake web site without verification to conquer it.

An assessment of reviews of frauds which can be evaluated through the validity of the swindle report to ascertain if it is a retaliatory statement or perhaps not this last approach is usually to protect against indiscriminate damage to safe sites.

A verify in the Ip address along with the server’s area checking the monitoring in the Ip address area as well as the stability the exact same. In the case of deceptive websites, there is a chance of personal information leakage, which provides that they are controlled through domestic machines. Therefore, it is rigorously reviewed to ascertain the site’s Ip address location as well as the server’s place.