The Risks of Ignoring Post-Plastic Surgery Care Guidelines


Plastic surgery is a popular way to address physical imperfections, but it’s not without some risks. One of the significant risks of plastic surgery is the potential for complications during the recovery process. While your surgeon will provide specific post-operative care guidelines to minimize these risks, ignoring these guidelines can lead to serious health problems.

Dr. Peter Driscoll One of the most common post-operative care guidelines is to avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications for a specific period before and after your procedure. Ignoring these guidelines can lead to excessive bleeding and infection during the recovery process.

Another essential guideline is to avoid sun exposure and using tanning beds after your plastic surgery. Excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer and other health problems, while tanning beds can lead to uneven skin tone and skin damage.

Following a healthy diet is also crucial for a successful recovery from plastic surgery. Eating junk food and sugary drinks can lead to weight gain and other health problems that can put your plastic surgery operation at risk. Consuming small meals throughout the day and ensuring that you’re getting enough protein in each meal will help with plastic surgery healing and tissue growth.

Ignoring post-operative care guidelines can have severe consequences. Complications such as excessive bleeding, infections, and skin damage can prolong the recovery process and even lead to the need for additional surgery.
It is important to follow your Dr. Peter Driscoll instructions in caring for the surgery site and other related activities. This includes proper wound cleaning and dressing, avoiding strenuous activity such as lifting or exercising, taking prescribed antibiotics and attending regular check-ups. Additionally, you may be given special dietary advice to speed up recovery and reduce potential complications.

In conclusion, following post-operative care guidelines is critical for a successful recovery from plastic surgery. Ignoring these guidelines can increase the risk of complications and lead to serious health problems. It’s essential to speak with your plastic surgeon about any concerns you may have and follow their recommendations closely to achieve the desired results of plastic surgery safely.