Dry Horse Massage: A New Technique for Improved Circulation


There are many different kinds of massage (마사지) all over the world, each having its very own unique advantages. With this blog, we shall be going over the many massages and help you make an informed selection. Several of the most popular massages are Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu.

Preferred massages around the globe

Swedish massage

swedish massage is actually a classic massage which uses very long strokes to go the muscle tissue across the body’s length. This type of massage is great for relaxing and tension alleviation.

Thai massage

Thai Massage (타이마사지) is really a more energetic sort of massage that utilizes strong tension and extending. It is stated to enhance versatility and blood circulation while relieving pressure headaches, and anxiety.

Dry Horse massage

dry horse (건마) massage is actually a more modern form of massage that is said to boost circulation, ease pressure headaches, and promote rest. The massage therapist uses a special gadget that appears such as a horse’s head to massage the person’s back.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a deep-tension massage which utilizes finger tension and palm cerebral vascular accidents on the human body. It is believed to enhance power stream, encourage rest, and ease tension migraines and neck area soreness.

Maternity massage

Pregnancy massage is a type of massage that may be specifically made for expecting mothers. It is known to further improve flow, ease stress and anxiety, and help with lower back pain.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage the type of massage which utilizes feel, strain, and stretching out to improve the stream of vitality within your body. It is known to enhance blood flow, enhance immunity, and alleviate stress.

Sporting activities massage

Sports massage is a kind of massage that was designed to assist athletes overcome accidents and enhance their overall performance. It is stated to improve blood flow, lessen irritation, and ease soreness.

Bottom line

Different kinds of massages offer you different rewards, so it is essential to choose the right 1 for your needs. It is possible to check with your personal doctor or possibly a massage specialist for tips. Make sure to talk with your massage therapist about what you are actually looking to achieve from the massage in order to personalize the treatment for your requirements.