Blow Drying Your Hair: Tips To Avoid Damage And Maximize Results


Lots of people think that blow drying their your hair will be the fastest and easiest way to get it dry, but in fact, it could be quite destroying in your head of hair if not performed correcly. The trick is to utilize the lowest placing feasible and maintain the Nume Hot Tools blow dryer relocating so that it doesn’t remain in one location Hair straightener for days on end.

The best way to properly work with a blow dryer:

●Begin using a bath towel to eliminate the maximum amount of moisture from your head of hair as possible.

●Then, hold the blow dryer about six in . from your mind and slowly and gradually move it close to.

●If you have time, it’s better to enable your own hair air dry for a minimum of section of the way prior to making use of the blow dryer.

By using these pointers, you are able to decrease damages caused by blow drying out and maintain your own hair healthier and searching its very best.

The different types of blow dryers:

When it comes to blow dryers, you will find 3 principal types to select from ionic, earthenware, and tourmaline.

●Ionic blow dryers job through the use of adverse ions to interrupt up normal water substances, resulting in quicker drying out time.

●Ceramic blow dryers use infra-red heat to dried up locks gently without causing injury.

●Tourmaline blow dryers use both adverse ions and infrared temperature to free of moisture hair swiftly and securely.

Which one fits your needs?

●Each kind of blow dryer features its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to find the the one that greatest meets your needs.

●Ionic blow dryers are definitely the speediest, but they could be unpleasant on fragile head of hair.

●Ceramic and tourmaline blow dryers are kinder, however they might take much longer to free of moisture locks.


Blow drying hair might be quick and easy, but it’s crucial to accomplish it correctly in order to avoid injury. By utilizing the lowest environment probable and maintaining the blow dryer shifting, you can reduce the danger of damage. You will find three primary varieties of blow dryers from which to choose, each and every with its individual advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the ideal sort of blow dryer is the one which works well with you.